About us

I am a 28 years old woman , thriving to support people who experience back pain everyday. As a working professional in the 21st century, working for 8 hours in a chair is a daily part of my life. With the fast pace of time, I found my body changing due to prolonged hours of sitting. Firstly, I had minor neck and upper body pain due to slouching too much. Then, I experienced muscle fatigue around my lower back and one bad day, I strained my spinal vertebrae. After many days of resting and proper exercise, I was able to get back to my feet. However, my pain would trigger again due to sitting for long hours.
Without the use of ergonomic tools , it was difficult for me to sit in a correct posture .I found out putting a pillow behind my lower back would provide me temporary relief. That's when I researched if there was any company in the market that specializes in the back pain category, especially targeted for working professionals who sit for long hours. While I couldn't find any brand that met that criteria , I got motivated to research into body care and how utilizing ergonomic tools would provide pain relief for working professionals who work from a computer.

With help of expert advice and intensive research, I present to you products, that are ergonomically designed to improve comfort and reduce aggravation to the spine during prolonged sitting. At ADORA CARE, our mission is to provide preventive tools that will comfort back, neck, shoulder and hips pain , improve posture and bring awareness about preventive measures to reduce all kinds of muscle pain. I hope our products will help you feel better.

With love, 
NOTE: Please be advised that none of our products are medical and simply utilizing our products will not cure your back pain. Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing any muscle pain for a prolonged period of time.